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Fort Myers Florida

As a leading provider of health foods in Fort Myers it was the goal to position Ada’s as the inexpensive premium brand in a highly competitive market.

Consumers knew about Ada’s high quality segment from local sources but not everyone knew about their attractive prices.

2014 we began the rebranding with a multi-stage campaign:

Adas rebranding started with the development of a new website based on the content management system Typo3. The goal was to build a highly performant website with low page load times and state of the art SEO optimization and the ability to integrate shopping functionality at a later time.

We also designed various print media campaigns including Signage, Flags, Posters, Print Ads, Menus and inserts.

To raise awareness for our rebranding efforts we executed several successful Ad Campaigns on with Google Adwords as well as Ads across social media.

Ads that were simultaneously run by an external company using the exact same graphics which we provided had not even half the click through rate as the ads we ran.

Part of our work for Ada’s involved packaging design for various in store brand products.

We successfully worked with Ada’s for 7 years